have we learned anything

Have We Learned Our Lesson?

have we learned anythingThis may be a little out of character, but watching all the news lately and seeing what’s going on with the new president and all, I just had to vent.

Have we learned our lesson?

It’s been a rough one but maybe it has seeped into our hard heads.

This attitude of “I deserve it now” “I want it all now” was for the birds from the get go. It couldn’t last. We can’t have it all right now.

We let the money-changers tell us we could and look what happened. It all blew up in our faces.

Now we can return from the fiasco with a new attitude. We can live simply within our means and understand that we can’t have it all right now.

Will We Learn Our Lesson

When anyone tells you to sit back on your hinny and receive 15 or 20 percent on your money, don’t you know it’s really not going to happen? Making money isn’t that easy.

And don’t we know debt driven consumer spending won’t work either? Not to pull us out of this mess we are in. It’s going to take honest work and production.

We’re going to have to forget these selfish ideas that psychologists and financiers have fed the public, It was foolish to begin with and those who fell for it are feeling the pinch, along with those who knew better all the time.

This jive about ” I deserve it all” “I’m worth it” The truth is we don’t deserve it unless we can pay for it. And to make money we have to produce a product that sells. Be it in a factory, business, technology or anything else that results in sales.

Big banks and mortgage companies sitting on top of the heap, grabbing interest with both hands from wild consumer spending, will hopefully no longer exist in the previous fashion according to this website.

They are being investigated for all the fast deals they have pulled. We now find many homes have been foreclosed on illegally, and banks and mortgage companies will pay.

Some are already paying millions for unsavory deals.

For years we let them go their merry way, until they have caused the whole system to tumble.

It’s basically what happened in the Great Depression, and it will happen again. The reckless profiteers were chastised and regulated, and a welfare safety net was put in place.

Franklin Roosevelt said,

Unscrupulous money-changers have fled from from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths.

Perhaps these ancient truths were, decency, fairness, respect, hard work, loyalty, caution and integrity.

We have admired our villains and helped them siphon the money out of our pockets.

We made it easy for them to cheat and lie by harping, “I deserve it” “I’m worth it” “I want it all now” Maybe a lesson has been learned.

Maybe we can learn to live simply within our means, and consume more wisely.

Maybe we will teach our children the values of our grandfathers.

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