Visiting The Dead

cemeteryDying is a big business that only few people can afford.

Following Mark Twain´s recommendation that one should visit a cemetery when one suffers from a spell of sadness, so I did.

I am not a person to worship the dead every week or every month, but I like doing it once in a while, especially when in this cemetery I have my mother.

It was a fine day of early autumn and, in fact, it was really hot. This is a city cemetery. Therefore, it is huge.

It is difficult to find one’s way among the graves and the hole recesses on the wall. It seems that even in cemeteries there are different classes of people.

The rich have enormous marble graves with statues and loads of flowers.Why go through that cost? Why not make a headstone from glass, fiberglass or some other less expensive material?

The poor are mainly located on walls. Little plates show their names and the their birth and death dates. Most of these hole recesses won’t be forever.

The family of a dead will have paid some money to have him there for a number of years. On finishing the lease, they will be removed and buried in what is known as a common grave.

When I pass by these enormous graves, I think of how much money some families are ready to spend.

The dead person won’t see it, but it seems to me sort of showing off to the public that passes them by.

People may think that this person was very much loved when he or she was alive, but I know well that we only appreciate people when they have departed forever.

Wouldn’t it be worth giving this big money to some charity or medical fund? Something that actually benefits the living rather than the dead who can’t use it in any way?

The more I visit a cemetery the more I think that I don’t wish to be buried to rot. If there is something which is still valid I want it to be used on someone else.

Dying is a big business.

Everything costs.

The laid-in in a funeral home is something that only a few can afford. The dead person would have made up and dressed up so as to disguise the signs of the illness he or she suffered.

Many people will pass by the dead to bid farewell and there will be those who probably forgot about him when he was still alive, battling with his illness. Everybody writes flattering words for the deceased.

It seems that the more flowers and people pouring in the burial and the funeral the more this person was loved and cherished.

But were they really?

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